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The company and the registered trademark Pantera Sports embody the qualities of strength, courage, elegance, cleverness, specialty and uniqueness. Every single needle prick of the offered products can be justified by a comprehensible argumentation. With the help of special procedures, we succeed in designing products that have to meet high demands on functionality. When realizing our products, especially in goalkeeping, we want to be goal-oriented and strive for the highest level of perfection. In order to be able to implement this, we follow the current developments in football in order to be able to create a comprehensive requirement profile for the goalkeeper. Since 2020 we have implicated our goalkeeping DNA in the company Capelli Sports. This unique merger enables us to offer goalkeeping products that meet every requirement profile and division.

As we are an independent company, we can approach things as we see fit. We pursue a performance-oriented vision, which is very courageous and innovative, but does not want to lose touch with the grassroots at any point. Shaped by our authentic appearance, we want to protect our roots and thus our love for goalkeeping.

Pantera Sports offers a luxury product at a realistic price. Every goalkeeper should have the opportunity to play with a professional goalkeeper glove. Furthermore, we see it as our obligation that especially young goalkeepers are optimally trained. Such training must not fail because of the price or quality of goalkeeper gloves.

The goalkeeper's game is an eternal duel between extremes, euphoria and tragedy. This assessment describes the goalkeeper's unique place of work in an abstract, but still accurate way. The informative value is irrevocable. Misconduct by the goalkeeper is almost always punished with a goal.

It is precisely this tightrope walk between the status of "hero" or "idiot" that turns the goalkeeper into a protagonist who, in the often only few defensive actions of a game, finally gets his reputation as a "looser" or "winner". The balancing act between the big emotional moments, the euphoric and frustrating phases, allow the goalkeeper in football to mature into a special personality who has to learn to face extreme situations effectively again and again.

This alone makes it clear that the goalkeeper needs a special, comprehensible competence in the form of a special trainer. Understanding the individual situations as well as weighing and assessing the actions taken are therefore an important key for optimal support. The aim should be to prepare him for this task through help and communicative teaching.

The Pantera Sports Goalkeeping School takes on this problem and offers methodical and scientific training for clubs as well as for individual goalkeepers, whereby the demands of clubs, parents and especially those of goalkeepers are met. The focus of the work is of course in particular the work with the goalkeepers, but also the exchange with the parents, trainers (parents and trainer evenings, one-on-one discussions) and the clubs is maintained by us.


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